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Giving full satisfaction and rendering quality service have been the guiding principles in all our business undertakings.

 Norella Services was born out of a passion for entertaining and creating beautiful spaces. We love to transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary one,  give people the opportunity to relax and have fun while hosting their event, put a broad smile on people’s faces when they receive a gift designed by us.  Summarily, Norella is a one stop shop for your events, decoration and gifts needs.

Planning even the smallest event can be a very demanding task.

We take into consideration every detail and make sure to provide you a successful event.

Every business at some point is confronted with the need to gratify  a client or partner for a good business transaction, or its employees for good performance. We have a wide variety of gift ideas that fit people of all ages, cultures and status. Just express your need, and we will come up with the perfect gift for any occasion.


Pour tout renseignement de location et réservations veillez contacter Sandy Event !

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